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Non-Surgical Root Canal Retreatment

Retreatment is necessary when bacteria have re-entered the tooth. This is usually due to decay or untreated canal areas. The patient may experience swelling or pain in chewing.

Sometimes a patient may have no symptoms, but is referred to us by their dentist because an x-ray shows that there is a problem with a tooth that has previously undergone root canal therapy.


What Happens During Root Canal Retreatment?

Step one:

After the tooth is "numbed", the canal system will be reopened to remove the previous root canal material. This may involve removing a crown, post and core material. Sometimes we are able to make a Small hole in the existing restoration and work through that opening. The canals are then thoroughly cleansed and shaped along their entire length.


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Step two:

The canals are refilled with gutta-percha and the opening is sealed with a temporary filling.



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Step three:

The tooth is restored by your dentist within a couple of weeks. If your existing crown can be saved, then you will need to have it repaired. If you do not have a crown, it will probably be recommended.

With time, the bone will heal where the bacteria was removed.


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